Amazon Is Testing A Drone Delivery System For Purchases, Are We Safe?

Amazon Drones Will Crash Into People, Warns Expert
Amazon Drones Will Crash Into People, Warns Expert

A UAV expert has warned that Amazon’s ambitious policy to deliver goods to customers using drones will result in the devices crashing into people. Shop Amazon – Top Holiday Deals in Electronics


Not content with next-day delivery service through its Prime program, Amazon wants orders to land on people’s front porches in as little as half an hour.

Just when you thought the technology industry couldn’t get any stranger, the latest idea from the retail giant is to offer an audacious delivery-by-drone service.

Video Below: Amazon Testing Drone Delivery System.

In a Sunday evening “60 Minutes” program aired on CBS (ZDNet’s parent company) Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos unveiled the new service, dubbed Prime Air, to CBS anchor Charlie Rose.

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