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Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Imploding

Hillary’s Campaign Is Imploding


By Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: I have to get something on the record here.  The Hillary Clinton campaign, at least the way the Drive-Bys are reporting it, is imploding.  None of what is in the news today was ever supposed to be in the news.  Bernie Sanders was never supposed to be anything other than a placeholder and an occupier of a chair to make it look like Hillary had overcome and had won a fight, won a struggle, that, therefore, she was capable. But he was never supposed to get anywhere near the lead on anything, and now he has a massive lead New Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders has a 14-point lead in New Hampshire.  And you’ve got Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders coming out now basically talking about Hillary as unqualified, unprepared, and how everything is falling apart for her. Biden’s saying, oh, I don’t want to run, but I really like what Bernie is doing, he says.

The long knives are coming out for Hillary Clinton.  And the long knives are coming out for her in many ways just like the long knives are finally coming out for her husband, Bill, who’s now being mentioned in the same sentences with people like Bill Cosby.  There are those of us who have been waiting for that to happen since the mid- to late 1990s.


RUSH: The New York Times has an article.  The headline:  “Hillary Clinton Races to Close Enthusiasm Gap with Bernie Sanders in Iowa.”  That could explain Hillary Clinton… You know she just announced a plan to increase taxes on the rich?

I mean, look at all of the old stand-bys in the liberal Democrat playbook that they’re going back to, which is the surest sign that they’re out of ideas and that nothing they have done is working.  They go back to gun control. It’s also a sign that their base is not unified.  It doesn’t get reported; the Democrat Party is in as much trouble as the Republican Party is for different reasons.  But if they have to go back to “taxing the rich,” if they have to go back to “gun control,” it is a sure sign things are in a state of great disarray.  In addition, Mrs. Clinton wants to make abortions totally free for people on Medicaid.

What is abortion?  Abortion is the killing of human life in the womb.  Who is on Medicaid?  The nation’s poor.  Mrs. Clinton, therefore, is offering free abortions for the nation’s poor.  Who comprise a majority of America’s poor?  Are they not ethnics? Hispanics? African-Americans?  Some might say “certain women.”  Who is Hillary Clinton helping here?  She’s not helping anybody.  When you promise free abortions to people on Medicaid, you may as well be suggesting…

Let me put it a different way.  If a Republican came along and suggested free abortions for people on Medicaid, the first person to stand up would be Jesse Jackson and start shouting, “Racism!” And then Al Sharpton wouldn’t be as far behind, and they would call it an attempt to eliminate people of color by the dastardly, rascally Republicans.  But yet Hillary Clinton is proposing it and is being feted, praised to the heavens for such a compassionate plan.  The Democrats are wiping out their own people.  That’s why they need open borders for replacements to be brought in ASAP.


Bernie Sanders opens up a big lead in New Hampshire.  This is from the Weekly Standard. “A new poll of likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire finds Vermont senator Bernie Sanders with a 14-point lead over Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state. Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, has 53 percent support according to the new poll from Monmouth University. Clinton, meanwhile, has just 39 percent support. That’s a big shift from Monmouth’s November poll, which found Clinton had 48 percent to Sanders’s 45 percent.”

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