North Korea says Hydrogen bomb test to deter US nuke threat

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.42.36 PMNorth Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un says Pyongyang’s recent hydrogen bomb test was a self-defensive act against a US threat of nuclear war.

Kim said that his country had a sovereign right to conduct the nuclear test without being criticized. North Korea has, in numerous cases, accused the United States of deploying nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula. Washington, however, insists that it has no nukes stationed in South Korea. But after Pyongyang’s nuclear test on Wednesday, the US has been in discussion with the South about deploying strategic weapons on the Korean Peninsula. Meanwhile, an American B-52 has flown over South Korea in a show of force against the North. The US military says the bomber has been joined by its F-16 and South Korea’s F-15 fighters. The B-52 which is capable of delivering nuclear weapons, returned to its base in Guam after the flight.

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