Caught On Video: Sgt. Joe Biggs from InfoWars Pepper-Sprayed & Put in Choke-Hold BY Rent-A-Cop

Sgt. Joe Biggs from InfoWars Pepper-Sprayed/ Put in Choke-hold 

Rent-A-Cop Pepper Sprays Infowars ReporterInfowar reporter Joe Biggs who was choked and pepper sprayed by a security guard right outside his own apartment.

Video taken from Sgt. Joe Biggs (@RamboBiggs) Periscope Channel show him and girlfriend Merissa arguing  with a security guard. At one point Sgt. Joe Biggs can be heard struggling to yell “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!” Austin PD arrives and detains a disoriented but then released Biggs. The security guard claims he was assaulted while attempting to restrain the InfoWars reporter and retired Army Vet but did he have right to restrain or grab Biggs in the first place? It looks like the security guard was stalking Biggs and his girlfriend and should have called the police first if he thought he had a problem with him instead of attacking him.

Here is Joe Biggs’ version of the event