The Apocalypse – Civilization Is Coming To An End

Civilization Coming To An End, Are You Prepared For The Apocalypse?
Civilization Coming To An End, Are You Prepared For The Apocalypse?

If civilization were to come to an end, through war, disease or other causes, would you and your family live through the Apocalypse? End of Days, End of Our Ways – Time Lost
Predictions of doomsday have been heard throughout history, and so far, they have all proven false. That does not mean, however, that such a disaster could not take place. Global military forces still have more than enough nuclear weapons to end modern civilization. New diseases, for which humans have no immunity, could be genetically created in government and corporate laboratories. Society around the world depends on these catastrophic staying safely enclosed and unused.

George Shepard is an expert on survival techniques and preparation. He is a regular contributor to

Shepard is our guest on the show today. He is here to talk to us about the end of civilization, and how we could prepare for the disaster. We will discuss some ways doomsday could arrive, as well as the likelihood of each disaster unfolding.
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